I’ve been working quite a lot on the FunctionalNHibernate project recently. I’ve implemented the following features:

- Save records with native F# lists.

- Create one-to-many and many-to-many relations

- Generate identities automatically


We can now do just about everything you the FluentNHibernate first example project does, although admittedly this is just a very small subset of what one can do with FluentNHibernate  and NHibernate itself.  


In the future I’ll be looking at how to broadening what you can do with FunctionalNHibernate ClassMap descriptions and improve data access by integrating Linq like features.


In terms of usability, it’s still early days but I think it’s probably usable for a project with simple data access needs. Obviously you need to ready to put up with some teething problems and there will definitely be some breaking changes as the project evolves.


The project uses Mercurial for source control and is hosted at bitbucket.org, but don’t need to install Mercurial to use it, you can download the zipped source here: http://bitbucket.org/robertpi/functionalnhibernate/downloads/


I’ve licensed it under a simple BSD like license: http://bitbucket.org/robertpi/functionalnhibernate/src/tip/LICENSE.txt


I’ve also created a google group for announcements, discussions and questions about the project:


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