A few people have noticed that a new book “Beginning F#” by me is available for pre-order on Amazon. I wanted to make it clear that this is the new title for the second edition of “Foundations of F#”. The publisher wanted the title change to make it clear that this was a complementary rather title to “Expert F#” rather than competing with it. It also reflects that during the rewrite that I’m focusing a lot on making the book more accessible to people with no functional programming experience.


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re: “Beginning F#” is “Foundations of F# 2nd Edition” - Nair

Thanks and yes please add some more fundamentals for the beginners like me. Funcational programming is little difficult to put our heads around for people who have been doing OO for years. Also just a suggestion, if you could discuss little bit about DLR interactions would be great.
Thanks again.

re: “Beginning F#” is “Foundations of F# 2nd Edition” - Robert Pickering

I’m definitely trying to focus on fundamentals for beginners. There’ll probably be a small section on using F# with other CLI, ie mono, silverlight etc.

re: “Beginning F#” is “Foundations of F# 2nd Edition” - Girish Bhat

What a strange co-incidence (or rather intended effect) the way you
have documented is exactly how I am using the two books - I keep going
back and forth between the two books to reinforce the same concepts.

re: “Beginning F#” is “Foundations of F# 2nd Edition” - Mano

Am I able to get the code snippets featured in the book? Apress website (http://apress.com/book/sourcecode) has the source code for the old edition of the book, but not for the new one.

re: “Beginning F#” is “Foundations of F# 2nd Edition” - Robert Pickering

The source code for the book is available on codeplex.com: http://bfs.codeplex.com/