So this blog has been quite lately, well it never was the most active in the world. Anyway the good news is there are lots of other good F# resources on the web at the moment. Particually Lang.NET was a great source of F# videos, I was there myself, but I’ve spoke with a few people who were, and indeed there they told me there was lots of interest in F#.

A couple of videos I really liked were:

Luke Hoban on F# Productization: This was an interesting talk, not because it when in depth into F# the language, but because Luke gave a peak behind the scenes of how you run a major F# project - the productization.

Amanda Laucher on F# Concurrency: This a very interesting talk from the charismatic Amanda “Pandamonial” Laucher. Amanda presents a case study of a real world project she’s been working on in the insurance domain. Her mission was to use the concurrency features of F# speed up the companies risk calculations, and the results she achieved are quite amazing. She presents what I see as very compelling reasons for using F#:

Of course I can’t not mention the “Language Oriented Programming in F#” talk by Roger Castillo at’s sister event “DslDevCon”. I was briefly involved with the organization of this talk, though to be fair it was Chance Coble and Roger who did the hard work. I was hoping to make it to the event to co-present the talk, but alas, Paris is a long way from Seattle:

Other note worthy videos are Luke Hoban on F#, who makes some very interesting points about how F# programming differs from programming in C#. I like this video because it builds on what Brian McNamara said in this blog post.

Phil Trelford, did a nice session for the guys and gals, and also has another planned.

There’s also this series of 4 web casts from Tomáš Petříček, which to be honest I haven’t had chance to watch yet, but knowing Tomas’ work I’m sure they’ll be very high quality.


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re: Videos to Watch - John

Good videos

re: Videos to Watch - Rick Minerich

Hi Robert, thanks for posting this list. This far, Luke’s have been my favorite. Although, I had completely missed out on Roger Castillo’s Language Oriented Programming in F# talk. I’ll be sure to watch it this weekend. I’ve been dieing for more content with advanced topics.