So, the good folks at Skills Matter and I have been working hard to bring you the next edition of “Functional Programming eXchange” the program is just about in place now. The current program can be found here and we expect to be adding more names and some more details over the next weeks or so. Book now, or before December 31st and you can still get to see it all for the bargain price of £75.

I’m very excited about this year’s program and I’m very much looking forward to meeting all of the speakers. When I started asking around for talks on for next year’s event two themes started to emerge pretty quickly: web programming and high performance computing. There’s an obvious link: the world’s most popular websites need massively scalable implementations, and that means high performance web programming. But if you dig a little deeper there’s another, perhaps more interesting, link: they both rely on better abstractions. Whether you’re interested in building your website in Scala’s Lift, F#’s WebSharper or Haskell’s BlazeHtml all rely on their host languages interesting and unique features to abstract away the pain of creating cross browser, cross platform beautifully dynamic sites. What’s even more interesting for me is that the same features that make producing beautiful HTML a breeze can also be used to make lighter work of parallel and concurrent programming. We’ll see how F#’s asynchronous workflows have been used in real world situations to build high performance, low latency, trading platforms and we’ll see how AKKA library supports the actor programming model and gives you Software Transactional Memory support. All this is built on using languages with better abstractions: Functional Programming Languages.

If you’re interested in the conference but feel you’d need a better grounding in functional programming before you can really enjoy the day, then you may be interested in my two day “Beginning F# Workshop”. The aim of this course is to give you a good grounding in F# and functional programming in general so you too can start using F# to solve real world problems.


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re: Functional Programming eXchange 2011: Programming the Web and Programming at High Speed - Art Scott

Hi Robert.
Read the program, excellent.
Is it possible for such a program in the Bay Area?

Is it possible to add some WPF/Computational Geometry to an F# session?

re: Functional Programming eXchange 2011: Programming the Web and Programming at High Speed - Robert Pickering

I would love to organise something in the bay area, sadly would be a bit too difficult to organise with no local knowledge or contacts.