I’ve finally got round to sorting out the code base to strangelights.com which was getting a big out of hand. Not much should have changed, but I’ve killed off lots of old files that weren’t being used and upgrade to the latest version of subtext. Now things are a little more under control, it should make it easier to update some of the out dated content, so hopefully you’ll see these changes over the next few weeks and months.

As part of this process I decided to get rid of the F# Wiki. There were two principal reasons for this: 1) despite my efforts to put in place captcha’s etc. the wiki had become a target for spammers and much of the content was riddled with spam, 2) many of the samples were out of date and this was causing some confusion, especially amongst people trying to learn F#. I’ve added some redirect to take you to a landing page explaining the situation and I’ve also saved some of the content, notably the using F# on Linux/Mac page. If there’s any other content you’d like to see saved, please let me know. I still have all the content of the wiki saved locally.