November is going to be a very busy month for me as I’m very happy to announce I’ll be speaking at Stack Overflow Dev Days at London’s ExCeL conference center on the 14th-15th November and the Progressive F# Tutorials at the Skills Matter eXchange on 3rd-4th November.

Both events have a great line up of speakers (who wouldn’t be excited to speak on the same program as the legendary Jon Skeet?) and both will be lots of fun and very educational.

At Stack Overflow Dev Days I’ll be giving a 50 minute talk about combinators, one of my favorite functional programming topics. I hope to illustrate that combinators are a great approach for building Domain Specific Languages and while drawing some parallels with “Fluent” api that have become popular in OO languages recently.

At Progressive F# I’ll be using the longer 3 hour format to dig into building applications in F#. I hope to use this session to show that F# is a very particle language for every day programming tasks.

And if either of those events interests you, you may also be interested to know that I’m giving a 2 day tutorial, “Beginning F#” on 29th-30th September. It’s a great way to get to grips with F# and see how you can start being more productive with this exciting language.