As I’ve mentioned before I’m very happy that I’ve been invited to speak at Stack Overflow’s Dev days. Since I first mentioned it the schedule has really been filled and is looking very good. I’m really looking forward to seeing the talks by Julian Browne and Andrew Pattinson on “NoSQL in the Enterprise” (as you might have guessed after yesterday’s post), Mark Levy on “Algorithms on Hadoop” and Michael Barker on “Performance & Technology Folklore”. I’m especially looking forward to Michael Barker’s talk as I’ve been reading about the “Magic Ring Buffer” and also having a look at its source. I’m also looking forward to seeing Joel Spolsky talk, yes I’m a bit of a Joel on Software fan boy.

So if you’re thinking of registering you can get $100 discount by using the registration code “Pickering2011”. As they’ve included my surname in the code, I’m sure it’s some kind of popularity contest, so please feel free to use this code liberally, register yourself several times if necessary, you’ll probably get X times the swag.