We’ve decided to do it again. After the success of the Functional Programming eXchange 2011 and 2009, we have decided to put on another edition. Functional Programming eXchange 2012 will take place on Friday March 16th March 2012, at the Skills Matter eXchange, in London.

The program is under construction, I’ve already started to invite speakers whose work in the functional programming community interests and excites me. I’m actively seeking other speakers so if you’d be interested in following in the footsteps of previous speakers such as: Simon Peyton Jones, Miles Sabin, David Pollak, Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino, Tomas Petricek, Jonas Boner, and Viktor Klang, then send an email with a talk abstract to talks_functionalpx@skillsmatter.com.

Talks should be about 45 minute long, though we may do some lightning 15 minute slots, depending on how the program comes together. Typically talks are explore concepts that often crop up in functional programming such as parallelism or domain specific languages, look at frameworks built in functional languages or are cases studies of using functional programming in industry.

I’m aiming to make the decision about which talks have been chosen around 14th October so if you submit an abstract expect to hear from me around this time.